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initially considered -- conservative influence the liberal environment. >> another good question. we found most of these students came in thinking of themselves as generically republican or conservative although there were a few that had moved toward greater conservatism but we also found that in college students further refined how they referred to themselves as conservatives so people who initially identified as republican or conservative then became fiscal conservatives or catholic conservatives. one of our interviewees, thinking of one person in particular referred to herself as the crunchy conservative. she is very pro-life but she is pro environment, pro social justice, some other ways. so things get messier once they get to college. >> please join me in thanking amy binder for this presentation. [applause] >> visit to watch any of the programs you see here online. type the offer or book title on the search bar on the upper left of the page and click search. you can share anything you see on easily by clicking share on the upper left of the page and se
that there is no control environment in place. we had cyber hackers come in now up to two years to stool these coins. not only do they steal customer points but they stole 100,000 coins from the owner specifically. >> what do you think is the likelihood that these people will ever get their money back? there is no regulation? there are no laws? why should they? >> that is the fed dory. assumes there's no consumer protection whatsoever and without the consumer protection, these investors could lose everything. most probably they have lost everything. bitcoin itself is untraceable. once these transactions are done, they are irreversible. it is anonymous. it is hard to track down the criminals. it is hard to get the money back. >> it also seems to me, i'm not a lawyer by any means, establishing standing, the most basic legal principle that any suit has to go through, is virtually impossible because of the way bitcoin is designed it so there is no location and place. >> that is correct. there's no legal structure over the top of it as well as any sort of regulation over it. the chance of getting money b
an incredible environment for them and it's really important that we stick to the hours for them otherwise there won't be a place for these kids to work and learn what they are doing and have an impact as a city. we are talking about affordable living and the city being livable, but without places like the marsh which we have been losing right and left, the city is not livable and when we talk about housing, we are talking about housing for working people because i understand the two, he didn't want to do the low income units. this is luxury. i hope you stick to what it's. if not, i will come back. i know we are on public access tv and i know that adds on 20 pounds. >> yes it does. i'm gene gore. this is my fourth time here and i also agree with all of the stipulations that you also so graciously and correctly passed unanimously and i don't understand why the opposition, the developers keep coming back and back and back. and also i'm very much in favor of having the construction down. i performed at the marsh. i know that i can't imagine performing with construction noises in the backgroun
. if they have a clean environment and able to manipulate with their fingers. it's encouraged these days to do peritoneal dialysis. the next slide shows that peritoneal can be done at night. basically what you have is this patient is sleeping and has a tube coming out of his abdomen and he has a machine which is a large bag on that with fluid that goes into the abdominal cavity and the fluid goes out. this is basically a timer. a very sophisticated and accurate timing device that puts fluid in and out and then the tube the fluid goes out and flesh -- fresh fluid goes in. there is a substantial amount of patients who like peritoneal dialysis who have over night dialysis of this type which is where they don't have to do exchanges during the day. so, the last item that we talked about i have already mentioned most of what's on this slide. no dialysis can be an appropriate choice for particular patients. the kind of patients as i mentioned before would be a patient who has a very bad metastatic cancer and they have a short time left to live but meanwhile their kidneys have given out and many of t
had it. it was in a different environment. now i have a congressional blackberry and a campaign iphone plus a wireless beeper that i use. i have high definition television sets. you name it. my eight-year-old son has a laptop computer and a tablet. a whole different ballgame. the way we use what we now call the internet, how we use wireless communications, they all need to be brought up to speed. if we get any bipartisanship at all in the next congress, i think you will see us do that. >> what is the timeframe you are looking at? >> i am chairman emeritus. this is a chairman fred upton -- subcommittee chairman walden trying. i plan to be very involved. i would hope that with the right environment we could do a bill in the next congress. mr. walden and mr. upton have both told me personally they are going to be doing lots of hearings and papers to set the groundwork. >> another issue you have been involved in is online gambling. sheldon adelson has come out against allowing federal framework for online gambling saying he will do whatever it takes to stop that. does that worry you? does
that came along after the department of the environment i know we're working on the scheduling of that i asked for information back on items that we're going to discuss in in addition to that i asked for a report related to some projects out in the southeast sector and i'm eager to hear back on any outstanding items commissioners. hearing none - i'll go ahead and call for any public comment? >> you're having any public comment on item 23. >> yeah. other commission business. i'm sure you may have committed before i came into the room ems on monday there's a joint puc hearing about clean power sfusd and i'll encourage you to attend and i'll be supportive. i know this commission and mr. particular some of the commissioners have received some hash comments from advocates but i know that really we all want the same goal to get a large escape of new energy be it further resolved built rapidly in san francisco. and even though the san francisco public utilities commission staff are working telephone number on this we released on rfp last friday to punish finish the planning for the local inst
difficult intelligence environment to operate in after all, the russians have been so sort of nervous about western and in particular american presence in ukraine and other states on their borders. they threw out people from nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations that were providing sort of social support and democratic training and leadership training because they believe that they were age ents of the american government. nothing could be further from the truth. but it tells you something about this being a real tense environment. you go to all your technical means of intelligence. satellite, electronics surveillance. you be sure that all the assets of the u.s. government and our allies around the world are being used to understand military what the order of battle is, exactly what assets they're moving closer and into the crimea. but spider marks is quite right. this is an invasion. it is what it is. and to sort of threaten that in june we won't show up to the g 8 isn't really -- tells you we don't have a lot of leverage over the russian. let's remember the president and the white
of president obama. he is governing in a difficult environment. is there one or two lessons he could learn from those radius presidencies? previous presidencies? >> he is trying hard. he has an awful situation. the republican party is terribly divided. it is terribly divided, so they spend much of their time fighting each other. to mess't have the time with democrats. >> there is not much he can do? >> he is trying. i think the staff that he has is good. but, they are not doing enough to get close to the congress. they are doing better. it is going to take a long time to get over and get past that point. , the taskke too long -- there is no task remaining until he is out of the door. >> you have said your favorite speaker was sam rayburn. a few questions. tip o'neill. >> a wonderful guy. everybody loved him. both republicans, democrats. was a good speaker. another irishman was a great one. john mccormick. of rayburn.rotÉge mentor of tip o'neill. succession.derful understood how the place should work and how people could work together. >> on the other side, newt gingrich. >> newt gingrich is a
and it was wonderful people and wonderful environment and i hope i had a chance to complete something for the city >> thank you very much for being here (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> thank you, congratulations. >> so next item on my reporter is the water report mr. rich i didn't. >> thank you, steve assistant general manager for water the slides is an update on our water situation looking forward. you know, the total reservoir storage is about a million arc feet but we are dealing with 3 hundred thousand is directly available for our hetch hetchy reservoir. we're working on another project to make more water available for drink. the precipitation is good 40 in february in terms of the precipitation but still just a drop in the bucket to where we would be at this point. again, i included the table of our assistant storage and the current storm in cherry lake is 2 hundred and accomplice acre and that's a significant amount of water. the two grafts you you've come to see and appreciate is first precipitation again, the red line is above 1976, 77 but been stable in the last few weeks we shoul
environment we heard about how a lot of the coverage around elections wasn't particularly polarized. there are undoubtedly concerns around the future of where this is going to be. fragile my work is on states in general. fragile states tend to be fractured state. and we are seeing an increase in the fragmented and fractured media in afghanistan and the most fractured part of that getting quiteably significant injections of funding at the moment. if the last length -- it is the that isng for a state trying to chart its own national identity -- it is not necessarily a useful way of going. but as the media -- but the media is becoming ever more fractured and fragile. >> how solid do you think is the support that you expect to see in terms ofection governmental support for the concept of a free media? i know there was discussion recently about freedom of the press in afghanistan. >> again, when you compare it to other countries, afghanistan has had a remarkable -- has managed to create a remarkable space of freedom of media. this is because -- we should give credit to president karzai .
the government's case is weak because the cops are doing their job in a tough environment. >> part of the job is that you can't sometimes put on a public relations persona when you're dealing with drug dealers and pimps and the scumbags that they have to deal with in this kind of an assignment. so, yes, these guys are -- are real officers dealing in very dangerous and volatile environments and they have to have a tough exterior. >> reporter: a second indictment accuses officer edmond robles, sergeant ian furminger and another officer not in court today of stealing marriage from evidence and telling informants to sell it and split the proceeds with them. the attorney questions the validity of the accusations. >> i know one of those informants attempted to extort one of these officers. i have grave concerns about the reliability and the credibility of the informants in that case. >> reporter: attorneys for a few of the officers insist the government's case is weak. they will not be making any deals. and they say they are confident the juries will find them not guilty. live in san francisco, lin
environment if they knew there were tensions between white and latinos and hispanics. that seems to me to be facilitating a hostile environment. if that was their priority to say maybe we shouldn't do this parade instead of maybe kids shouldn't wear an american flag. it seems like a misplacement of priorities. >> i agree. in a weird way they are saying they have to do this to prevent violence. isn't that a form of black mail or while mail or hispanic mail? >> blackmail? that is a weird way to -- >> we are afraid of the violence that is going to occur, so we are telling them you can't do this. it is blackmail. >> most crime in america is blackmail. >> that's terrible. >> as a member of the pta, to a certain point i get the whole needing to avoid the conflict and make sure the kids are safe. unfortunately what is happening is this is becoming gang culture. this is like wearing the color red. that's the american flag. who ever is wearing these t-shirts will beat up these other kids which is unfortunate for our symbol in this country. however, what high school celebrates cinco de mayo. yo
in our increasingly polarized national political environment and even within the republican party itself, we're seeing that the styles of politics is becoming, are becoming as important as the ideas of politics. insofar as particular styles can lead to animosity, gridlock, a lack of compromise. and i'll open my discussion of conservative college students' styles with a couple of vignettes from our data. so it is 2007, and is members of the college republicans at western flagship have just staged an event called the affirmative action bake sale. i know this is no stranger to you at berkeleyment now, the bake sale is a well known piece of political theater that conservative students use at many universities across the country selling cookies at a higher price to white students than they do to, say, african-american and latino students. the bake sale is said to highlight the insidious effects of race-based affirmative action. it has a point of view, but when students at western talk about what it's like to actually stage the event, it's clear that they revel in the sheer fun and confrontati
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vested interest. at the same tone he needs to understand the environment he's moving into and the neighborhood he's moving into and needs to accept the decision you made that is you must be a good neighbor and treat your neighbors in a way that is not going to perhaps affect their ability to survive. that's what this is all at stake. for that i thank you for taking efforts to make sure the marsh doesn't thrive and survive. i think we can coexist. thank you for allowing that. >>> good evening, my name is joy and i'm speaking on behalf of the housing association. i'm asking you to comply with the last hearing. the last california code 56689.5 is inapplicable. i read the law. it's unapplicable on numerous ground because of the process not having been completed. the board of appeals has made it's findings base on substantial evidence and there is well grounded on the planning of the city and the mixed use for special stores. it's a restaurant and i would tad developer really has though challenge. i support a building with four floors and mae 10 units and i also support
reasons one formula retail fill different inches in the retail environment and two the c u controls may not be that meaningful since few complete the threshold. this table is designed to illustrate the mix of retailers. in commercial districts with formula retails in place the most common types of stores a pharmacy stores and apparel and assessor stores and other grocery stores. it includes pet stores and others to name a few. the most common types of the specialize retail stores are grocery stores. those are the prevalence of the pharmacies requesting the many cities lcd. the apparel stores are the majority of the retail. are apparel stores are the most common stores of independence followed by independence stores. this is the formula stores by location. 28 percent of formula retailers are hautd in california with half in san francisco. notable commercial district with the controls are for distinctlyly owned franchises than districts without controls. this chart shows formula retail stores by corporate owners. this is associated with companies that have more than 10 thousand 45 brandis
with our environments. they know our school and teachers and community and students. here is the reason. more money is spent or professionals and other support staff will be needed to travel to new sites for all over districts. this place has physical therapy, occupational therapy, everything right there. that would be so hard for a parent to take the kids somewhere else. in conclusion, we want to strongly encourage that you do not tear apart our community. in addition we would be happy if you could epithe -- keep the i talk program. this is a developing class. they want to keep their friends in wheelchairs with communication devices there, thank you. [ applause ] >> next speaker please. >> yes, good evening, hello my name is maria sanchez. this is pedro martinez. he has cerebral palsy. and he works with the -- to communicate with people and do homework. i have a bunch of stuff here and i have a lot at my house. like he wrote my journal, today is monday. he talked about the weather. i have a letter from the teacher when he got it wrong, the wrong words. he said, i want to do it again.
learning environments for new comers. >> we understand that the board and superintendant are aware of difficulties that new comer students are facing. that's why they have the department that is actively engaged in helping immigrant families and offers the new comers language path way. it's a design to serve those that arrive english learner students a period of just many and orientation before entering the english plus pathway. [speaking foreign language] >> i think the new comer pathway is an excellent start. but there is no one size fits all. each new comer student will face their own unique learning obstacles. we recommend you employ more resources to provide one object one tutoring for students at school. we believe if sfusd provides 1-2 hours of individualized english tutoring for new comers, everyday at school, this will help their learning and increase and encourage them to speak english and help anxiety from learning. this helps them and otherwise they shuts them down. [speaking foreign language] >> new comers coming to the school is not only hardship for students but also
. and the only difference is that i grew up in an environment that is a little bit more forgiving. gwen: launching a new effort to help young men and boys of color. covering the week pete williams of nbc news. ed o'keefe of "the washington post." and michael sheerer of "time" magazine. >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> it's one of the most amazing things we build and it doesn't even fly. we build classrooms and exhibit halls, mentoring tomorrow's innovators, we preserve habitats and serving america's veterans. every day thousands of boeing volunteers help their community be the best they can be, building something better for all of us. >> whether it's discovering an aspirin a day can prevent heart attacks worldwide or regenerating new heart muscles, our goal is to develop treatment. brigham and women's hospital. >> additional corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- prudential. addition funding is
asking why he hated the environment because that makes sense. i wasn't even pregnant, by the way. so i try to be very honest about the fact that i am a person and although i did stick with my husband through some really difficult times i am not a saint. i did not nail lacrosse myself pendragon around with me. i'm a human being and have my own foibles and i also want to make sure people know there are resources out there to help. if you or a loved one are struggling to you can call veterans crisis line at 800-273-talk, press one for immediate assistance 24 hours a day. if your spouse is struggling with pt s d and becoming violent you should call the domestic violence help line. you should not suffer in silence or alone. and if you are looking for a way to serve veterans or looking for resources in your local community, you can use the national resource directory which is on line and has a vast compilation of resources that are available. if you are a military family member you can look up blooms of the stock families on line and see the resources they have available to all military fami
is confronting a new regulatory environment, and we have our banks against the wall confronting audit as well as our stockholders. >> right. lou: by the end of the year, what kind of economy here? how much growth? we saw the fourth quarter revise again. what do you think it will be this year? >> i think by the end of the year we're going to be a solid 3%. that kind of assumes that all the pieces fall in to place. lou: yeah. there's that caveat. we appreciate it. greg miller, sun trust. we're delighted to see you. >> my pleasure. >>> up next lou dobbs to be the. we're going hollywood. stay with us. >>> a record-breaking year at the box office films bringing in all-time high 10.9 billion last year, and now they're looking to take home hollywood's top honor sunday. here to break down the top oscar contenders and likely winners is host of the television show -- great to see you. >> great to see you, too. >> let's start with "gravity." i find the movie a fascinating idea. the great stars. does it win best picture? >> it certainly is considered one of the runner of-up for best picture. out in inter
environment. and then you are dealing with the drug dealers and pimps and the scumbags that they have to deal with in this kind of assignment. they accuse the officer and another officer not in court today of stealing marijuana from evidence and telling informants to sell it and split the proceeds with them. some were caught on tape. they claim this happens a lot. it happens a lot as the drug officers themselves. >> and why is that happening? is it the culture that they live in and they become involved? that they don't know how to separate it? >> they could get involved because you do run up on a lot of money and no one is there to watch you. >> reporter: the police union says that the public should not be quick to judge. >> these officers, they deserve their day in court. >> the attorneys insist that the case is weak and that they will not be making any deals and that they are confident the jury will find them not guilty. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> reporter: they will be back in federal court next month. >>> breaking news in russia this morning. they have now gone permission to
and comprehensive school, safety and supportive school environment but it is hard work. integrating all of these. and the staff that is going to be trained, in these different practices, needs to go back to the school and train their colleagues, and but perhaps in another one is the challenges is really kind of a shift in mind set, i mean that it is really about changing from a punitive mind set to a supportive and compassionate mind set and to be thinking more about support and not about the consequences for behavior and how we are going to react to those behaviors and that really changes someone's way of and as a principal and i can tell you that that is challenging work to talk with your colleagues, about you know, how to change the trajectory of that school. and so i think that those are difficult barriers to predict as to the time line and when that is going to come out but the time and i guess that you would say, the attitude and mind set. and major barriers. >> other comments, commissioners? >> commissioner wynn? >> thank you. >> and i just want to thank everybody for being here this even
of understanding what the environment can do to him. and i think that is the sort of psychological difficulty. psychological warfare, psychological drama in all of this. this has been such a remarkable experience, you know? one of the most amazing -- the most amazing experience i have had as an actor. of takes a bit just enjoying opening the film and showing it to people. and i feel like there is still so much to say about it, that it is not a film you open and then get tired of the conversation about it. i think it does really still inform me. >> transformational character -- every actor's dream. the next nominees for best actor talked about the unique opportunity to take that on. leonardo dicaprio plays a real-life stockbroker in "the wolf of wall street." many say it is his most compelling performance. and in "nebraska," bruce dern has taken what he calls the role of a lifetime. he is woody grant, an aging maverick in a road trip across the northwest with his son. >> i knew i had waited a long time to get into position in my age group of guys for that kind of role could come my way
regulatory environment, and we have our banks against the wall confronting audit as well as our stockholders. >> rht. lou: by the end of the year, what kind of economy here? how much growth? we saw the fourth quarter revise again. what do you think it will be this year? >> i think by the end of the year we're going to be a solid 3%. that kind of assumes that all the pieces fall in to place. lou: yeah. there's that caveat. we appreciate it. greg miller, sun trust. we're delighted to see you. >> my pleasure. >>> up next lou dobbs to be the. we're going hollywood. stay with us. if you've got copd like me... ...hey breathing's hard. know the feeng? copd includes emphysema and chronic bronitis. spiriva is a oncdailinhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medici
there is a wage gap and hostile environment for women, you just wanted to stay home all along. the president continues to make it rational to seek to make it rational, to act and behave in ways right now that ensure poverty and dependency in the long-term. >> you want to know what is absolutely insulting about this, while obama and his administration is looking to expand the entitlement culture he is cutting benefits and pay to our military and their families, the people who are serving and sacrificing and putting their lives on the line. many of them have paid the ultimate sacrifice and their families are having to deal with that. >> everybody who works will pay for that woman's choice to stay home. father, i went to catholic school for 12 years, they didn't like it. but i went there. but true story, i was taught that every person was created by god. i believe that with all of my heart. and that every person was born with talent. and that work was part of what we are as human beings. we're supposed to give back, we're supposed to use our talents for other people. has that changed now? >> i
tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that y. driven to preserve the environment, csx mos a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait t tomorrow. coh calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them. neil: this is quickly becoming the most popular segment of the show perhaps any show and what do we call it guys? >> what's the deal, neil? neil: you can ask me anything you want, anything atll, email, tweet, text or talk. >> neil, what is your advice for the next year? neil: well my advice for the next year is patienc next question? >> i think that you know, that americans should be entitled to, you know, decent health care. you know, at decent cost. i don't think obama is going around about doing it the right wa
-blooded murderer or not, you cannot go into that environment with your head in that same place. >> no. >> it's not possible. >> those that have seen him around the track say that that, that, whatever that was, has completely vanished, gone. >> it's obvious. it's very apparent that that person is no longer with us. that as much as reeva steenkamp is no longer on this earth, that oscar pistorius is also gone with her. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." we'll be back again sunday at 7:00/six: 7:00/six: 7:00/6:00 7:00 . - previously grimm... - your child is very active. that means it will not be long. - it's only been six months. [screams] - we must get you into hiding. we must not arouse the suspicion of prince victor. - we've linked this attack to two other scalpings. so it seems that we have a serial killer who's targeting men in uniform. - "the wildesheer scalp their defeated enemies. "they sew these trophies of war into cloaks of hair, "supposedly giving them the power of the warriors they've defeated." - will you..arry me? [clock chiming] - will you? - yes. i mean, i will. - thi
to provide a safe environment for them to express their feelings. >> what bob is saying speaks to the victory of fear over freedom. the freedom of expression is designed specifically for incidents like this when risk is involved. you're supposed to have this protection, even under threat of violence. every parent on monday should put their kid in a flag, put a flag on their shirt, on their lapel, and send them to school. not as a sign of patriotism, but as a sign of freedom. make that expression so much more powerful than any, anything you could ever do. this is wrong. >> i agree. bob, it's just like the katy perry removing her -- removing the islamic symbol. because of fearing a filmmaker. we're changing the way we live out of fear. >> we're changing constitution, is the problem. >> the american justice on the appeals court voted for this. i assume it's not a democratic liberal message here. >> what message is it saying? if you really care about the country and if you don't, you can intimidate by fear. so anyone else, they can just push our schools around, our courts around. it's a laughing
to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. >>> america's longest war may be coming to an end sooner than expected. the president ord ed the pentagon to draw up plans for a complete withdrawal from afghanistan by the end of the year. joining me now, jack jacobs. can i ask you this. is this posturing or does the u.s. really want to do this? >> i think we really want to do it but we shouldn't discount the fact that our politicians have a policy to think before they think, drawing lines in the sand we never tend to reinforce. so some of this is posturing but by the end of the day if we can't reach an arrangement with karzai, we're leaving. we are going to do that. we have areas surrounding afghanistan we can do some operations but i think the intention is to get out. >> a reporter wrote yesterday that u.s. officials told her that al qaeda is planning a comeback in afghanistan. some of that is politically motivated. how concerned are you that that is a reality. >> i think
environment confrontation between security forces and anti-government protesters. they're demanding the release of fellow students detained during two weeks of unrest. more marchs have been called for sunday. at least 18 people have been killed so far. and opposition leader has boycott peace talks called for by president nicolÁs maduro. he believes the crisis will get worse. >> i believe we need to create the conditions to create change. it requires being strong in the face of the government who has had problems of legitimacy from the start. even beyond those problems it has had problems in governing. you have economic problems that are going to start a political crisis. the political crisis in the face of the government that, let's say, covers its eyes that does not want to face problems or resolve problems. it will reach such propulsion that they will tell maduro that you must either fix the problem or go. >> roadblocks in several venezuelan cities. they have been central in the scene of fierce battles between protesters and security forces. we travel to valencia where protesters
in your own environment, you've got a tremendous amount of support for this book. >> guest: yeah. sure did. c-span: and your own daughters worked with you for 10 years. >> guest: yeah. c-span: tell us about laura and what--what role she played in this. >> guest: well, it's interesting that you ask that question. laura is a professional woman. she'd just gotten her phd at the university of michigan in latin american history. she's married to a costa rican and now lives in costa rica and she's got three kids. i'm extremely proud of her 'cause she's, you know, one of these kind of super moms who's raising a family and taking care of her mother-in-law there in costa rica and also writing. and we are very close, personally; have been for a long time. she's been the person who's been my most severe critic, 'cause we know each other well enough that she feels free to say things that people might not say, about, 'gee, that's a dumb way of phrasing that idea or--or i think i would toss out that chapter entirely.' and we--at the time i was writing this book, she was also doing her dissertation and w
of the environment in which we pursue all these missions. first we operate in a time of severe budget constraints. as secretary of the department of homeland security, i therefore believe i am obligated to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, waste and unnecessary duplications of resources across dhs' large and decentralized beurocracy while pursuing important missions such as the recap tallization of the aging coast guard fleet. second, i am mindful of the surveys that reflect that morale is low within various components of dhs. i intend to remind our workforce of the importance of their homeland security mission and that the department's greatest asset in the pursuit of these missions is our people. i will be a champion for the men and women of dhs, and i will advocate on their behalf. i look forward to working with this committee. the chairman is correct that i am actively working to full the vacancies in senior management positions. i do that on a daily basis. i look forward to a shared vision and a partnership with congress on our important mission. thank you. >> thank you, secretary. i be
cigarette how well the market did in an environment that's been as anti-business as i have ever seen in my lifetime and i think that what you were just saying is absolutely true. i see this more as a spring that's wound up and ready to be unleashed. imagine where we would be if we had a president that was reaganesque that freed up capital, ended up launching new businesses for a new world. so all of that can very well happen and the fact is it can't get any worse in the last five years. >> it's coming, jack. one of the signals. stock market is telling you, the political situation, policy situation they are talking flat taxes now, they are going shut down this obamacare, it's coming jack. keep the faith. thanks to boston you gentlemen. now it was five years ago that the tea party was born. will that movement rebond with the rest of the gop and hand republicans control of the senate in november? we'll talk about that next with our political panel. please stay with us. turn aroun♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn ar
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, and i -- i think it's impossible in this environment to get anything done comprehensively. comprehensive immigration reform. comprehensive tax reform. the reason we had comprehensive health care reform, in spite of what you think about it, is because you had one party controlling the house, the senate and the white house. and so to do things comprehensively, i think it's tough on either side to get something done. i think you have to, you know, get more -- you're going to have more three yard gains in an environment that we operate in washington. you're going to have more three yard gains, than you're going to have 30-yard gains. it's just the reality of the system. so there's much in the bill that i think you could point to that was positive. but there's obviously a lot of things that even republicans would have concern about. to say that we'll create $700 billion in new revenue, alex, that's an assumption over a ten-year period of time, assuming that chairman camp would be the chairman of ways and means over the next ten years. i would buy into that. but even with that, that probably p
change in that environment. we have learned through a variety of approaches things that we probably didn't expect would be now in front of us this soon. for instance, what are the hereditary factors involved in this disease? it clearly runs in families. we have gone from knowing sort of one risk factor for the late onset type of alzheimer's disease to now depending on who you ask 19 or 20 that we have. that number is growing. in fact, it will be growing rapidly this coming year in part because of the fy-'14 appropriation because we're expanding our ability to do that kind of genetic analysis. we have gone from understanding that amyloid was a player to understanding a lot more about tau and to be able to look at pathways in the brain that are really quite complex and point to other sort of nodes in those pathways that are really important and might be drugable. we have gone from having a few clinical trials focused largely on advanced cases of alzheimer's to what you heard about today, where we now, because we can make the prediction about high risk, start the treatment earlier. just lik
an already tense environment. robert siri will travel to geneva today where he will brief the secretary general on his mission to ukraine and discuss further possible steps. the secretary general is gravely concerned that the situation has further deteriorated since yesterday's meeting of the council. in this regard, let me reiterate the secretary general's important messages conveyed in his statement of today. and i quote, "the secretary general continues to closely follow the seriously and rapidly unfolding events in ukraine, including developments in crimea, and is gravely concerned about the deterioration of the situation. the secretary general reiterates his call for the full respect for and preservation of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. he calls for an immediate restoration of calm and direct dialogue between all concerned to solve the current crisis. the secretary general will be speaking with president vladimir putin of russia shortly about the situation in ukraine" unquote. let me say in closing, at this crucial moment it is important to rec
to 500. we don't have the same touch or nurturing environment. we'll get back and improve the outcomes. >> i want to take the moment to remind the viewers that morehouse targets the nurterring of young african american men. you and i know that there are class lines. asian students led with 81% graduation followed by white 80%, lat eachios 68 and blacks 62% - graduating high school, how do you think the president's initiative will narrow the gap. >> i want to absentuate that a bit. it starts with low reading lels. it's worse far african american males. 86% read below reading levels. it's no surprise that one in three go to prison. there's a cradle to prison pipeline. what we are trying to do is caning that, shift it from a cradle to prison so cradle to power pipeline. morehouse will have a lot to do with that. what the president announced is significant. it's a tie with the philanthropic community. that's where you saw the 200 million injected into this scenario. and that is - there'll be a lot more. also, the federal government will take part in ensuring best practices there are proils
to this. in future environments, ciber will be the first tool used. >> by both sides? >> by both sides. host: we are joined by paul mcleary a you are watching the exchange at the senate armed services committee earlier this week. the united states, it there's not much dispute that the u.s. has the best conventional military force in the world but how do our cyber capability stack up against other countries? guest: it's hard to measure. the chinese have put a lot of money into this and they have a lot of resources and assets directed toward this but their budget is not public like ours. you don't know exactly what they are doing. what general alexander was saying cuts to the heart of the matter. mightwar, whatever that be, offense or defense of, there is no manual for it. it is a whole new world, a new form of warfare. how do you conduct it, what does it mean, when would this lead to more conventional operations and how do u.s. collate or de-escalate and how do you make that a determined factor to prevent future conflicts? host: if you want to talk about these subjects or have a questio
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